Communicate with the utmost flexibility, exactly the way you need to

  • Change the visuals as needed at a specific date and time
  • Set up spots just like on TV, corresponding precisely with your events
  • Promote multiple products from one or more brands in a single, purchased time slot
  • Variably communicate a different product in the morning, afternoon, or evening

Take advantage of the maximum potential of an animated spot

Use slow and / or gradual animation of creative elements, including gradients, color changes, slow scrolling, gradual magnification, text changes, or animation of only a specific part of the creative.

The animation should be slow and transitions should not be too fast and choppy. The background can scroll or zoom slowly, but it should not flicker. The text may gradually disappear, zoom up, or appear, but it should not pulsate too much. Transitions that are too fast can lead to passengers catching only part of the communicated message.

Benefit from the power of digital communication in the metro

Boost interaction with audience

Up to 60 % more interaction between audience and communication

Increases the coverage of campaign

Up to 24 % more views of campaign

Supports awareness of the message

Creatively designed campaigns are more remembered